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my birthday September 25, 2009

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Yesterday I celebrate my birthday. Quite normal day, day like a day.

I didn’t do much, some work, replying messages, emails, relaxing, empty a glass of champagne with my dearest mom, went to see “Public Enemies” with my best friends….

I also went to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my neighbor, cause we have birthday on the same day 🙂 She looks so good for her age. Mine 27 years is nothing compare to her 90 years, so we were yesterday together celebrating our youth 😀 Hope that I will also live to see her age!!! 🙂

my daily sun

My friends, thanks for all greetings, wishes, gifts…..

My dearest sister, thankYou for all words, I got tearful eyes! 🙂

Petra, thanks for new girlfriend, will take care of her 😉

Maja, Janko & Ana, I promise you, just give me few years! Maybe I’m gonna build biggest chair in the desert, maybe something else 😀

And all others, THANK YOU :******

my world record

O yes, I am gonna get inside! 🙂


with my neighbor

my new girlfriend

my new girlfriend 😀


my … my … my …

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… my birthday … my day … my week … my month … my year …

… my sLOVEnia … my world … my universe ….

I gonna make it !!!

Vishnar furniture



Eid Mubarak – عيد سعيد September 20, 2009

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I’m wishing you joy and happiness on this
great celebration that marks the end
of the holy month of Ramadan.

May Allah bless you and all your near and dear ones.



09/09/09 … whats gonna happen??? September 8, 2009

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Tomorrow magic day is coming – 09.09.09 such a date cannot be not special.

I know, almost everyone is having some secret hope and dream for such dates: … 07.07.07, 08.08.08,
12:34:56 07/08/09





Europe’s Most Idyllic Places To Live

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If you would like to enjoy idyll, peace and relaxation without the crowds, than you need to visit one of the top ten most idyllic European cities, proposed by Forbes.

Enough will be already, if you drive to Bled 🙂




Triple ’07 party September 7, 2009

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First I need to explain why ‘07 ???

On 07.07.2007 worldwide star organized first Triple ’07 party for friends and built open-air cinema on home garden. Cause now-days kids don’t know what are good cartoons, we watched only oldies goldies cartoons 🙂


I saw that next parties will have to be much bigger, so in 2008 below the magnificent castle rock in Bled second Triple ‘07 party happened. I can for sure say that it was one of best parties in Bled in past few years. But without 70 friends (maybe some more), excelling DJ’s ever (Soniie Forsyte, El Diablo & Gašper) and amazing place Triple ‘07 couldn’t be such an amazing party!!!

team polo

In Friday in the geographic centre of Bled it happened – traditional third Triple ‘07 party. Those that came, know what they are not missing. But without 50 friends (maybe some more) and excelling DJ’s ever (El Diablo & Mr. Happy Feet) Triple ‘07 couldn’t be such an amazing party!!! Dresscode was “go green” 🙂

anze&matjazDJ El Diablofriends

My friends, thanks for coming and being a part of Triple ‘07, thanks TO MAKE THIS EVENT HARD TO FORGET BUT SO EASY TO REMEMBER !!! I hope that you found yourself hypnotized in a chaos of exclusive sets under the dark shadows of the moon, where the adrenalin level of the psychological state of your mind and the physiological state of your body finally collapsed 🙂

See you next year!!!