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my birthday September 25, 2009

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Yesterday I celebrate my birthday. Quite normal day, day like a day.

I didn’t do much, some work, replying messages, emails, relaxing, empty a glass of champagne with my dearest mom, went to see “Public Enemies” with my best friends….

I also went to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my neighbor, cause we have birthday on the same day 🙂 She looks so good for her age. Mine 27 years is nothing compare to her 90 years, so we were yesterday together celebrating our youth 😀 Hope that I will also live to see her age!!! 🙂

my daily sun

My friends, thanks for all greetings, wishes, gifts…..

My dearest sister, thankYou for all words, I got tearful eyes! 🙂

Petra, thanks for new girlfriend, will take care of her 😉

Maja, Janko & Ana, I promise you, just give me few years! Maybe I’m gonna build biggest chair in the desert, maybe something else 😀

And all others, THANK YOU :******

my world record

O yes, I am gonna get inside! 🙂


with my neighbor

my new girlfriend

my new girlfriend 😀


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