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Faith July 29, 2012

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Few months ago I saw trailer of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and was searching on the web for a good link for a while. I found it and that weekend I took time to watch it.

Amazing story, which talk about FAITH.
I linked it also with my life, personal & business. I always had many stories/ideas, but in only these that I really believe, they are still alive.

Do everything that your dreams will come true. Have a vision! Don’t worry, also if on the end maybe you will not make it, try again, you know you can do it, have FAITH.

It is all happening with certain reason and of course for your benefit. There is important way, not goal. But way and goal are the same thing – searching of truth, game of destiny and experiencing of happiness.

We all have FAITH.
Everything we do, we do with FAITH, that on the end we will achieve something.
Like a man fishing for 10 hours… he believe that he will catch a fish!! 😉

If at one point you will not know what to do… when time comes, you will know!!


chi July 19, 2012

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Yesterday friend sent me a link and I’ve just read Shana Flogie’s article with predictions for July. She is leader of MyChi, center for a body, soul and a spirit.

I heard about influence of moon already in March. It is a year of transformation and in March time my first happened 🙂 Interesting, most of things from the article really happened in last few months :))

Also thanks to one very special person my level of consciousness raised and I started to realize myself and everything around me completely differently… from new angle of view.

I found out that history due to all kinds of relations was repeated all the time. So I’ve handed over to interrupting of repetitive patterns. And inside me evoked also a wish for looking per old themes from new angle.

I’m taking space for myself. Women need time, says Shana.
After meetings sometimes I go to the lake, swim to the island. I go running in the evening. Go to the cinema. Open a bottle of wine, sit on balcony and enjoy in sunset….. of course I would love to share all these moments with a special person, but at the moment I’m enjoying on my own.

Now is a time for observations. I’m not judging, things around me, situations, people, I’m not adjudicating is it right or wrong… only observing 😉

Don’t make any big decisions till August, says Shana, not even signing contracts, or deciding where to move, making new starts, work on new projects…. Function wisely, think about important steps which you want to make, but don’t start yet… Take your time and space and wait till autumn, when right energy will be on your side 😉

Its good only 3 weeks left, and after I’m off for 3 weeks, traveling to India and UAE. I already decided before to make few new steps in September and October 🙂