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Dubai renames world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa January 4, 2010

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Dubai opened the world’s tallest skyscraper an hour ago, and in a surprise move renamed the gleaming glass-and-metal tower Burj Khalifa in a nod to the leader of neighboring Abu Dhabi – the oil rich neighbor.

A multimedia presentation witnessed by Dubai’s ruler and thousands of onlookers at the base of the tower said the building was 828 meters tall. I was only 10 metres out with my estimate a year ago 🙂

Emaar, the developer of the newly opened tower said it cost $1.5 billion to build the tapering metal-and-glass spire billed as a “vertical city” of luxury apartments and offices. It boasts four swimming pools, a private library and Armani hotel.

Shaykh Khalifa is only lending US$ 25 billion to Dubai so it’s just his name on the Burj. At least for now 😀


Can Dubai survive? December 7, 2009

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summarised from article by Anwer Sher

Dubai’s dream of progress and prosperity may well have been dented but its not a failed dream. In the context of the world economic crisis the crisis that Dubai faces is not as monumental as is being suggested. Dubai Worlds obligations are listed at $60 billion but these are obligations to contractors, suppliers and indeed bond holders and debt providers. A number of contractors and consultants have only recently indicated that they would be willing to take a haircut on their receivables, some suggesting as high as a 35% reduction in exchange for a payment plan. After all, the logic goes, that these contractors benefited with robust profits from the same clients in the good days and indeed are more accommodating as the times get rough.

However, we have to look beyond to how Dubai can survive this debt crunch.



Egypt / Lebanon Montage October 21, 2009

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The documentary by Khalid Mohtaseb was shot entirely on the canon 5D MKll in and around Cairo and Beirut.

Beautiful !!!!! 🙂


Understanding the Global Carbon Cycle October 9, 2009

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Carbon cycles between Earth, atmosphere and oceans, affecting our climate

What Goes Around Comes Around

carbon_cycle (more…)


Eid Mubarak – عيد سعيد September 20, 2009

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I’m wishing you joy and happiness on this
great celebration that marks the end
of the holy month of Ramadan.

May Allah bless you and all your near and dear ones.



9 days to Dubai Metro! August 31, 2009

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On 9th September 2009 (09/09/09)  at 09:09 AM will HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum officially launch Dubai Metro.

The project will start with 10 key stations on the Red Line: Rashidiya, Terminal 3, City Center, Al Rigga, Union, Khalid bin Al Waleed, Jafliah, Financial Center, Mall of the Emirates, Nakheel Harbour ‘&’ Tower.

The remaining stations on the Red Line will be opened in phases over the next few months.


promotio video


ramadan kareem August 21, 2009

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Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim brothers and sisters


May Allah shower His blessings and forgiveness on all of you.
May Allah guide you in our everyday life.
May Allah enlighten you when you answer questions regarding Himself,
His Quran, and His prophets…..