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Happiness June 24, 2008

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I would love to live long and enjoy also last part of my life, watch how are grand-kids growing, work only for my soul (carve wood, have bees, support kids projects…) … … …
I always tell my friends: “Life life how it offer to you!” Especially nowadays it became important, cause it is much easier to travel around ( JUST GO !!! ) and there is so many things going on that sometimes is hard to choose where to go, what to do ( JUST DO IT !!! ). Grab a chance, cause you never know when you will get next opportunity! 😉

My Grandparents Golden Wedding Anniversary was a week ago and it was an honour for me to be grandfather’s witness to a marriage! First we had ceremony in a church, after huge party, only for close part of family 🙂 It was amazing to saw how happy grandparents were, why shouldn’t be, they are married already for 50 years !!! When they all thought that party is going to end, my surprise get on stage – The folklore group Ribno start dancing. It was incredible for everybody, especially for my grandmother – she was crying because of such happiness all the time 🙂 For honeymoons we sent them to Terme Banovci 🙂




FINALLY – Dubai property buyers have right to visa June 13, 2008

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Renting an apartment in UAE is quite expensive, but don’t think that it is easy to buy a property. Especially because there is many people waiting in the same line with you. But if you have connections… good for you 🙂 Right now I don’t have money to buy an apartment, but I will need it soon!

And I was happy to heard that officials at Dubai’s Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) have confirmed that anyone who buys a freehold property in the emirate is entitled to residence in Dubai through the master-developer. That happened because there has been widespread concern and confusion in recent weeks among property buyers about this issue, with some believing that master developers had broken the contract as visas had not been issued.

Residence visas are given for one, two, or three years and are then renewed by the DNRD through the original sponsor. Now, if you own a property, even if you resign or are sacked from your job, you will still have your residency visa and won’t have to leave the UAE 🙂

UAE largest property tycoons: