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EnErGy April 22, 2008

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To do anything, we need energy !!!

But where to get it? It depent on a person, so each must find out own source of energy.
Where do I get it? Give to get back!!! It works! My friends, I am doing everything for you! Only together we can survive and win! 🙂

Don’t think that everyday is a special for me here in UAE, that always is easy for me. It is not, but who cares on those moments! I always try to look from a bright side on my life! Last few days I spent for thinking and discovering how and where to start. It also came a moment … … … my family & friends, I miss you, I would love to hold you, but I can’t. I know that also harder times will come, but I can’t help, just GO ON !!! World is my playground!!! 🙂

Yesterday I went on a tea with one guy (half Slovene, half Syrian), whose contact I got from a Philippine waiter (read last post). Amazing guy! He sacrifices himself to came to Dubai and start new life. He is sending money back home, to support his parents to survive and brothers to study. I was impressed!

We finished around midnight, and cause I wasn’t sleepy, I went on a drink to Jazz club in Madinat Jumeirah. Everything happen with a reason! There I met Sri, Indian guy, whose father is hotelier. What a cool person! When I was on the way back home I just asked me, WHY, why me, why I always met such great people, especially those that I need on my way to success? But I don’t know the answer. I always try to be what I am, never lie to people, and don’t try to pretend that I am something what I am not. I am Anže Višnar! and Vishnar is going to become worldwide known brand 😉


connecting people April 19, 2008

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World became so small that in a second you can reach a friend on other side of planet, and next day already be there. I don’t know how would I survive without my mobile, laptop, internet… cause they help me to stay in touch with all my friends when ever I want to speak/reach them 🙂

Virgin Radio’s Block Party was fabulous !!! Bong and team, you did a great job and organise an amazing outdoor party !!! There were graffiti artists, dancers, skateboarders… and of course Virgin Radio DJ’s 🙂

Today I went to the Mall of the Emirates and bought new mobile, cause I had too many problems with my old-one. Of course I bought Nokia, 6300 model, with Arabic letters 🙂 After I went on Moroccan mint tea, where I had a short conversation with a Philippine waiter, who knew where is Slovenia, because of Big Brother reality show. I am not fan of reality shows, but doesn’t matter, Big Brother connecting people :):):)


challenges for challengers April 17, 2008

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Every day is a challenge, for some people to survive, for some to make a business deal… What is my? Every day I try to wake up with a smile on my face, try to enjoy day, and end it with with a step forward to … … …

Yesterday during day I didn’t do much – spent lazy morning, spent few hours on Suqeim beach, where I met Slovenian couple ( haha, world is small ), went to Bong’s place to charge my laptop (cause I forgot my charger in Abu Dhabi) and took an invitation for Friday’s Virgin Radio Block Party :). Later I went back home, spoke few words with Renata before she went back to work. Renata, thanks a lot, I have such a luck to be a guest in your apartment. Damn, here are people working much more than back home. City is growing so fast that you don’t have other option!

Later I went to the Mall of the Emirates to see a movie. I choose Indian movie “U, Me, Aur, Hum“. You MUST see it !!! It shows you meaning of life, real love, hard times… After I went to met Faila’s friend Aissa, who work as a reporter on MBC (The Middle East Broadcasting Center). Amazing guy !!! First he showed me a place where he work and than we had a long discussion about culture, life, religion …

Yesterday he did a reportage about cultures in UAE. In 2006 in UAE lived 6 million people (15% locals), today probably around 8 million (10% locals, or less); most people (workers) come from India and Pakistan. Amazing, how fast is country growing! But because of that they have problems: foreigners don’t learn language, government don’t care for them (they have no health care)… There are always plusses and minuses, everywhere !!!

What else happened in last week:
– last Friday I went on boat trip with Thalmer ( I met him in the desert, and know what, his camel seated place on Camel Festival !!! !!! !!! )
– for a month I rented Nissan Tiida at Europcar;  I must admit, that in Abu Dhabi is MUCH easier drive around than in Dubai, but in few days I hope that I will get used 🙂
– I am still waiting for my package 😦
– I met Ana’s friend Mohammed, who’s father owns Electric Lightening company
– Bong invited me on New look fashion show at Montgomerie Golf Club
– in Al Sharjah I visited “Slovenian furniture” showroom; their main office is in Abu Dhabi as “Yugoslavian furniture” (government in Al Sharjah didn’t allow them to use name Yugoslavia), but inside I found only cheap products



you’ve got to find what you love April 9, 2008

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and I already did :))))))))

Email with link to Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005 (Slovenian subtitles) was waiting few weeks in my Inbox. Today after we got back from the cinema, where we watched Fool’s Gold (good comedy), I decided to take time and check recommended speech.

Take 15 minutes off and check it!!! It will help you to stop dreaming and start working for what you love. Same as I wrote in my last entry, but with different words Steve Jobs said in his speech: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards!”

My friends stay hungry, stay foolish !!!


Insha’Allah April 8, 2008

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Small Slovenian that want to become small Slovenian in Arab world, but big in Slovenia :))))))
I just want to do something extremely, what other are saying that it is impossible. But there is always but 🙂 I will show you that if your wish is enough strong and you have passion and work for your dreams and sacrifice few things in your life, than everything is possible! You know what is hardest? To start, to do first move! After you believe that you are on right way, but only time will show you if you are doing right! I don’t have to loose anything, so why I shouldn’t try, I already get back a lot, and now I am already earning. Money? Not yet, be patient, money always come together with success! 😀

Last few days nothing special happened, cause I spent most of time on computer, preparing deal for Bahrain:) Faila, shukran!!!!!!!! But I spent an amazing weekend before 😀 I got a visit from Dubai, Marianne came to Abu Dhabi first time. Shukran! My friends arrange and we went on boat trip and had much of fun!

Like that this wouldn’t be Arab world: in Sunday I went to the church together with Michael and Marty, yesterday I eat pork! Yes here you can get everything, but still, you must respect culture! And I do!!!!! Sorry that you will not see as many photos as from my past trips, but this is not only my trip, this is my future world. Here people they don’t like that you are making photos, so I am enjoying, what is better for me, but worst for you, but still, I always try to do my best!

One week more in Abu Dhabi, two in Dubai, one more in Abu Dhabi and last in Dubai, uf, one month more! I have planty of time to do lots of things….. Insha’Allah! 🙂



desert April 2, 2008

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Yesterday I didn’t went fishing like I tough at first, but Michael showed me his new studio! It is still under construction, but wait few months, it is going to become best and the biggest Movie studio in the Middle East !!!!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss !!!!!!!!!! Michael, I am so happy for you, cause you were working really hard and now will your dreams come true 🙂

I tough that I will after a dinner with neighbours get back home, finish few things on computer catch some sleep and today once more go on Interiors exhibition, but (there is always but ;)) Michael get an invitation to go in desert, sleep there and next morning go on Mazayin Dhafra Camel Festival 2008. Of course I was also for, so we join his two partners and took a road SouthWest of Abu Dhabi. It was amazing – lying on the sand in the middle of nowhere, watching stars………:) During night in desert became quite colder, but after sunrise quickly get hot!

The Mazayin Dhafra Camel Festival is in Abu Dhabi organise first time and already become World biggest! Sheikh Mohammed Bin Beti Al Hamed built place in 5 weeks (before there was nothing!!!). More than ten thousand camels participate 10 days long Festival and the owners of most beauty camels will on the end get 6 million EUR and 100 cars 🙂

Camels from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait are taking part in the festival. Today I had an honour to met first local, one of most respectful people here in Abu Dhabi, who later invited us in his tent and showed his beauties 🙂 Together with his father he own 75 camels! Each is worth at least 1 million EUR!!!!!! He told us that few days ago his friend bought camel for 2,2 million EUR and that would most expensive cost 5 million EUR!!!!!!!!

Life is crazy and I love to live!!!!!!!

Mazayin Dhafra Camel Festival 2008 me & Micheel camel


a bu da bi April 1, 2008

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Here I am, already in Abu Dhabi 🙂
I am grateful to my friend Michael to be a guest in his villa 🙂 He owns TimeSand Studios and becoming next George Lucas 😉

I spent 4 awesome days in Dubai, lying on the beach, hanging around with friends, networking, working……. For now didn’t happened much, but still, yesterday I went to see Interiors UAE, exhibition which is first time taken in Abu Dhabi. Small for the start, but still, I was surprised to saw exhibiting Slovenian company Duka – office furniture. Great move!!!

I am no sushi fan, but when Michael bring fresh fish yesterday we eat half of it unprepared, half baked. Mmmmmmmm, it was delicious!!!!! Today we are probably going to drive with a boat, fishing…..