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HOME Is Where The HEART Is ……. January 2, 2009

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For a years I was dreaming to spent Christmas and New Year on the beach, enjoying on the sun …..
My wish finally came true!
I am enjoying in Dubai, where lots of people are dreaming to go, and I decided to spent here two months.
Outside is 26*C, during night 18*C, awesome! Back home in Bled it is freezing, -5*C, during night -10*C, at least, and almost no snow.
I love warm weather, sun, which give you tons of energy, but I hate winters without snow.

But still …
What I was always telling, now I also felt on my own skin:
It is not important WHERE you are, but with WHO you are!

For Christmas I wanted to be with my closest – my family, for New Year with my best friends,
each moment I want to share with my love.

But such is life, always you can’t have everything at the same time.
I know why I am here, why did I came for such long time, also why I am later moving here.

I will make it !!!

my goal