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Introduction to networking September 22, 2012

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In July I was invited to join project CENTRES (Creative Entrepreneurship in Schools). Leading partner is British Council and beside partner CEED Slovenia is project going on in 7 other EU countries. Because one of three schools that joined project is my high school (SLŠ Škofja Loka), plus theme of the program is very close to me, I immediately decided to join.

Last week we had presentation of program in front of students. They told us that 30 will come, instead of that at least 150 came! Must admit, that I was little nervous, cause I’m not jet used to speak in front of such audience 😀 Our goal was to convince at least 20 to join program. 24 of them signed. Yes yes yes, we did great job! 🙂

Module that I will present to students is “social networking” and “my idea has friends”. Because I will speak more about experiences and theory on November, I decided to do my introduction more attractive 🙂

I knew already before that most of students will be guys, so as an idea how to make a good networking I told them that in business life everything work very similar that in private life 😀

> meet right people. You need to go to the club where are girls you wanna catch.

> don’t think, just go. When you see the right one, go to her and start conversation.

> take tips. Listen to your friends or read books, no need to learn from your own mistakes.

> be honest. Your heart need to speak, not your upper or lower brain, otherwise it will be just run on short track.

> gain trust. When you gain her trust, she is yours, now you can decide how you wanna continue.

And for the end: connect and cooperate: also if you don’t wanna go home with her, you could become friends, share your network, ideas, do business…

We newer know why we met someone. Remember: everything happen for a reason! 🙂