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Cockta History November 26, 2009

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Natural drink with herbal extracts disguised as cola.

History of the Cockta bottle
Left to Right 1953 – 1996 – 2000

FB group:
If you leave the Country without drinking COCKTA, you know nothing about Slovenia


Can Slovenia Win the World Cup? November 20, 2009

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We don’t care, for us is important that we are going to South Africa!

sLOVEnia is the small, but has the biggest HEART

So, who is making biggest promotion for Slovenia?
SPORT, here we are best! Our individuals or teams in soccer, cross-country skiing, athletic…
are making with their top results best promotion for Slovenia.

Sometimes I just don’t understand why we are spending millions to advertise our beauties on CNN
and get less effort than with one victory against Russia.

Yesterday The Wall Street Journal wrote article about our success:

Can Slovenia Win the World Cup?



Slovenia vs Russia November 18, 2009

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today great football heart won against money,
small nation beat gigants,