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Introduction to networking September 22, 2012

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In July I was invited to join project CENTRES (Creative Entrepreneurship in Schools). Leading partner is British Council and beside partner CEED Slovenia is project going on in 7 other EU countries. Because one of three schools that joined project is my high school (SLŠ Škofja Loka), plus theme of the program is very close to me, I immediately decided to join.

Last week we had presentation of program in front of students. They told us that 30 will come, instead of that at least 150 came! Must admit, that I was little nervous, cause I’m not jet used to speak in front of such audience 😀 Our goal was to convince at least 20 to join program. 24 of them signed. Yes yes yes, we did great job! 🙂

Module that I will present to students is “social networking” and “my idea has friends”. Because I will speak more about experiences and theory on November, I decided to do my introduction more attractive 🙂

I knew already before that most of students will be guys, so as an idea how to make a good networking I told them that in business life everything work very similar that in private life 😀

> meet right people. You need to go to the club where are girls you wanna catch.

> don’t think, just go. When you see the right one, go to her and start conversation.

> take tips. Listen to your friends or read books, no need to learn from your own mistakes.

> be honest. Your heart need to speak, not your upper or lower brain, otherwise it will be just run on short track.

> gain trust. When you gain her trust, she is yours, now you can decide how you wanna continue.

And for the end: connect and cooperate: also if you don’t wanna go home with her, you could become friends, share your network, ideas, do business…

We newer know why we met someone. Remember: everything happen for a reason! 🙂


Faith July 29, 2012

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Few months ago I saw trailer of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and was searching on the web for a good link for a while. I found it and that weekend I took time to watch it.

Amazing story, which talk about FAITH.
I linked it also with my life, personal & business. I always had many stories/ideas, but in only these that I really believe, they are still alive.

Do everything that your dreams will come true. Have a vision! Don’t worry, also if on the end maybe you will not make it, try again, you know you can do it, have FAITH.

It is all happening with certain reason and of course for your benefit. There is important way, not goal. But way and goal are the same thing – searching of truth, game of destiny and experiencing of happiness.

We all have FAITH.
Everything we do, we do with FAITH, that on the end we will achieve something.
Like a man fishing for 10 hours… he believe that he will catch a fish!! 😉

If at one point you will not know what to do… when time comes, you will know!!


No Arms, No Legs, No Worries! April 30, 2010

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Nick Vujicic‘s life demonstrates that all things are possible:


The Story of Charity: Water March 18, 2010

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charity: water

This is a beautiful ad because it doesn’t come across as an ad.

The story told is Charity: Water’s story. Every company cannot tell their story in this manner but every company has to tell their story through strong and consistent branding. If you watch the ad you’ll see that in the story their website, photographs and ad campaigns were mentioned. This is because all those things made their story which is essentially their brand, a story they could now compile into one 4 minute video to once again benefit their cause. (more…)


love January 21, 2010

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Do not let that love is rarest thing in the world. It is completely free, reachable at any time, anywhere and anyone. Do not accept mediocrity. Love!

Yourself, others, life, colours. Seasons, animals, nature, newspapers, food, dance. Rain and puddles.

Good coffee. Friend, who is constantly complaining. Parents, who do not see anything beautiful. Beloved child. Doctor, that on the emergency room accepts you after 5-hour awaiting. Angry butcher. Rainy New Year’s Eve celebration. And tons of snow.

This is the fullness of life, is pleasure, passion, joy. Never deny lowlands, learn the alchemy of love only those who love the valleys.

Love is the medicine for everything


Slovenia vs Russia November 18, 2009

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today great football heart won against money,
small nation beat gigants,




Tucker: The Man and His Dream July 30, 2009

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Movie based on a true story. Shortly after World War II, Preston Tucker is a grandiose schemer with a new dream, to produce the best cars ever made. With the assistance of Abe Karatz and some impressive salesmanship on his own part, he obtains funding and begins to build his factory.

tucker_the leader



LIFE = RISK July 21, 2009

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If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived !!!

Watch an inspirational video about famous failures:



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~ and have a fantastic day  ~



The Slovenian hero July 8, 2009

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The Slovenian hero Anže Kopitar is a professional hockey player with the LA Kings of the NHL.

Fast Facts