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National Geographic ranks Slovenia No. 5 top world destination October 30, 2009

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National Geographic Traveler
in cooperation with National Geographic Society’s Center for Sustainable Destinations, has devoted its sixth annual “Places Rated” Destination Stewardship survey to the world’s most celebrated and iconic travel destinations and how well they have weathered the pressures of mass tourism and other threats.

was ranked 5th top world destination and got 78 points, after Norway’s Fjord Region (85 points), British Columbia’s Kootenay/Yoho National Parks (81 points), Quebec’S Gaspé Peninsula (80 points), New Zealand’s South Island (80 points), Japan’s Ancient Kyoto (79 points) and US Vermont (78 points).



Egypt / Lebanon Montage October 21, 2009

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The documentary by Khalid Mohtaseb was shot entirely on the canon 5D MKll in and around Cairo and Beirut.

Beautiful !!!!! 🙂


Understanding the Global Carbon Cycle October 9, 2009

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Carbon cycles between Earth, atmosphere and oceans, affecting our climate

What Goes Around Comes Around

carbon_cycle (more…)