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love January 21, 2010

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Do not let that love is rarest thing in the world. It is completely free, reachable at any time, anywhere and anyone. Do not accept mediocrity. Love!

Yourself, others, life, colours. Seasons, animals, nature, newspapers, food, dance. Rain and puddles.

Good coffee. Friend, who is constantly complaining. Parents, who do not see anything beautiful. Beloved child. Doctor, that on the emergency room accepts you after 5-hour awaiting. Angry butcher. Rainy New Year’s Eve celebration. And tons of snow.

This is the fullness of life, is pleasure, passion, joy. Never deny lowlands, learn the alchemy of love only those who love the valleys.

Love is the medicine for everything


Merry Christmas December 23, 2009

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My friends, I wish you
a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010!


KOPY vs. KOBE December 21, 2009

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Can Dubai survive? December 7, 2009

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summarised from article by Anwer Sher

Dubai’s dream of progress and prosperity may well have been dented but its not a failed dream. In the context of the world economic crisis the crisis that Dubai faces is not as monumental as is being suggested. Dubai Worlds obligations are listed at $60 billion but these are obligations to contractors, suppliers and indeed bond holders and debt providers. A number of contractors and consultants have only recently indicated that they would be willing to take a haircut on their receivables, some suggesting as high as a 35% reduction in exchange for a payment plan. After all, the logic goes, that these contractors benefited with robust profits from the same clients in the good days and indeed are more accommodating as the times get rough.

However, we have to look beyond to how Dubai can survive this debt crunch.



Cockta History November 26, 2009

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Natural drink with herbal extracts disguised as cola.

History of the Cockta bottle
Left to Right 1953 – 1996 – 2000

FB group:
If you leave the Country without drinking COCKTA, you know nothing about Slovenia


Can Slovenia Win the World Cup? November 20, 2009

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We don’t care, for us is important that we are going to South Africa!

sLOVEnia is the small, but has the biggest HEART

So, who is making biggest promotion for Slovenia?
SPORT, here we are best! Our individuals or teams in soccer, cross-country skiing, athletic…
are making with their top results best promotion for Slovenia.

Sometimes I just don’t understand why we are spending millions to advertise our beauties on CNN
and get less effort than with one victory against Russia.

Yesterday The Wall Street Journal wrote article about our success:

Can Slovenia Win the World Cup?



Slovenia vs Russia November 18, 2009

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today great football heart won against money,
small nation beat gigants,




National Geographic ranks Slovenia No. 5 top world destination October 30, 2009

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National Geographic Traveler
in cooperation with National Geographic Society’s Center for Sustainable Destinations, has devoted its sixth annual “Places Rated” Destination Stewardship survey to the world’s most celebrated and iconic travel destinations and how well they have weathered the pressures of mass tourism and other threats.

was ranked 5th top world destination and got 78 points, after Norway’s Fjord Region (85 points), British Columbia’s Kootenay/Yoho National Parks (81 points), Quebec’S Gaspé Peninsula (80 points), New Zealand’s South Island (80 points), Japan’s Ancient Kyoto (79 points) and US Vermont (78 points).



Egypt / Lebanon Montage October 21, 2009

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The documentary by Khalid Mohtaseb was shot entirely on the canon 5D MKll in and around Cairo and Beirut.

Beautiful !!!!! 🙂


Understanding the Global Carbon Cycle October 9, 2009

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Carbon cycles between Earth, atmosphere and oceans, affecting our climate

What Goes Around Comes Around

carbon_cycle (more…)