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Bon Voyage August 7, 2012

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I will always remember my first longer journey, first flight, first escape out of Europe… Canada & USA from 2004 is still one of best journeys I had!!!

I’ve never liked making too much planing, cause I knew that on the way so many things can happen, and I will always grab best opportunities! Friends says that I have luck, I say that everything happen with reason 😉 And through all years I saw that is best so, to have open plan and go with the flow 😉

Now I’m for the first time going to Asia, backpacking, taking really relaxing vocations.
India for two weeks – Bangalore for the start, New Delhi for the end, but no plans between. Lets see how it will be :)) already now I know I will have fun all the time!!

And for the end of my journey Dubai for a week. Haven’t been down there for two years, loooooong, tooooo looooong time, comparing how much time I spent there between 2007 and 2010.

Bon voyage!



2 Responses to “Bon Voyage”

  1. Flo Says:

    Anze! I can feel what you are saying… Have fun end enjoy your travels! Regards FLO

  2. -G- Says:

    Vozzdrav Anze,

    nice to hear things going well for you.
    have a splendid & conquering journey.

    Vozzdrav, -G-

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