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I came back February 16, 2010

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Those that know me will start laughing, cause they know that on my travels always something happen to me 😀

In Friday my parents transport to Munich was canceled, so I arrange that in Sunday they went there with their car and left it on the airport parking. I should take it in Monday and move it to my friend’s place who life 10 km far in Freising.

I went on the way to Munich with my neighbor and on half of the way … damn … I remember that I forgot car keys at home 😀 Its good I’m used to have problems on my trips. Each problem has a solution, like this! Few calls and problem was solved (of course fully next day). I spent night in Freising, next day went to the airport and met there for a coffee with my cousin Gaja, who went for three months to NY.

Problem was solved thanks to my great friends Damjana, Tomaž & Anže 🙂 Thanks a lot again!!!

And now sweetest part of my trip! I am already in CAAAAAAAANAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAAA 🙂 Back in Vancouver, almost after 6 years! When I left Whistler in September 2006 I promised to me: “If not before, than in 2010 I’m gonna be back!” I send my sister postcard and wrote: My lovely sister, I made my promise, I believe in you, you gonna make it, I know, in 2010, you will join Olympic team!!!

Who really knows me, know I am crying now, cause I am so happy, I am so proud of my sister, she is here, in Olympics, In Vancouver, in Whistler, in Wednesday running for gold, yes, GOLD! Doesn’t matter which she will be, she did it! Hardest part is after her, form is on high level, motivation on maximum! 🙂

In Wednesday you all need to watch TV! Doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are, finals of Cross-Country Skiing sprint race need to be on the tv screen at 21:30 (Slovenia time, GMT+1)! You will see her, our SUPERSTAR, running for GOLD 🙂

GO katja GO GO GO……


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