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HOME Is Where The HEART Is ……. January 2, 2009

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For a years I was dreaming to spent Christmas and New Year on the beach, enjoying on the sun …..
My wish finally came true!
I am enjoying in Dubai, where lots of people are dreaming to go, and I decided to spent here two months.
Outside is 26*C, during night 18*C, awesome! Back home in Bled it is freezing, -5*C, during night -10*C, at least, and almost no snow.
I love warm weather, sun, which give you tons of energy, but I hate winters without snow.

But still …
What I was always telling, now I also felt on my own skin:
It is not important WHERE you are, but with WHO you are!

For Christmas I wanted to be with my closest – my family, for New Year with my best friends,
each moment I want to share with my love.

But such is life, always you can’t have everything at the same time.
I know why I am here, why did I came for such long time, also why I am later moving here.

I will make it !!!

my goal


2 Responses to “HOME Is Where The HEART Is …….”

  1. apple senpai Says:


    What a day!!
    I’m glad you enjoyed in Dubai
    Yes, the weather is great these days

    we love the winter here and we hope the rain and snow fall.. but you are are looking for warmth and sun ^ ^

    “It is not important WHERE you are, but with WHO you are” <<< I like what did you say here

    Wow, how you made this castle of sand!! I like it ^^

  2. visnar Says:

    Weather is perfect! ok, it could be less windy at the evening, and 5 degrees more 😀
    Summer is here too hot and I know that you are all hardly waiting winter, that right temperature come, especially locals 🙂

    hehe… I haven’t try to built a castle of sand for a years. Picture symbolise dreams, and also bring to me lots of nice memories from my past 🙂

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