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Too Big to Fail December 15, 2008

Filed under: U.A.E. — visnar @ 23:33

There is a possibility that Dubai could fail. It’s not that Dubai is too big to fail, it is too important to fail.

Too important to the Rulers,
too important to the UAE,
too important to the region and
too important to the Eastern world
that has looked at Dubai as a haven to channel goods and cash,
to invest when the West said no to their money.

There is no doubt that there will be troubled times ahead, but talk of failure is embellishment too far.
Failure is a big word.


What we will see over the coming months is phasing and prioritising. Projects will come to fruition later and
some projects wont be undertaken at all – but that is smart business practice, and whether
you are a country or a company, that is how one should be operating at present.


more in the Newsweek article


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