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UAE National Day December 9, 2008

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on December 2nd was UAE’s 37th National Day

There were celebrations (parades, fireworks…) throughout the country.
Friends told me that I need to go on Jumeirah Beach road and join others driving up&down.
Why not, lets go! So me and Tomaž were almost 3 hours driving up&down and enjoying with others.

It was amazing! Hundreds of young men draped flags on their 4x4s and sports cars and plastered them with stickers of the nation’s rulers and the UAE flag. They were playing loud music, and everything it looked like a carnival or a celebration of winning an important football match 🙂

I can only say what a huge national pride!

I read that one local from Abu Dhabi spent more than 400 EURs decorating his white 4×4 🙂
Who would do that in Slovenia? Of course that we are much different nation, country, but still. UAE is a bit older than we are,
but do you think that we will also get such national pride in those years? Unfortunately I don’t!



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