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CEED TOP CLASS PROGRAM November 13, 2008

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If you don’t try, you don’t know! I said on October and on last available day fill the application for CEED Top Class program.

Two weeks later they called me for first meeting, after a week for second-one. On Friday I got a call:
YOU ARE IN !!! 😀

I was so excited and haaaaaappppppyyyyyy, cause I was practically without any possibility to be accepted into the program.


About Top Class

Top Class supports young entrepreneurs in their personal, professional and business growth, and introduce them into thinking globally-successful entrepreneurship.
The program trained individuals to access the right ideas, knowledge and people.

We will have month practical training, leaded by successful entrepreneurs – mentors and experts from the fields of entrepreneurial development and growth.
Each member has assigned mentors (successful and well known Slovenian entrepreneurs and managers) in related business areas and with those interests, which are the nearest member.

Themes of training:
1. Business management
2. The different growth strategies
3. Entrepreneurial HRM
4. Sales and negotiation
5. Corporate finance and tax optimization
6. Financing growth
7. Presentation to investors
8. Spread in the international space
9. Sale

CEED Top Class is an excellent program for all who want in a short time to make big steps in business !!!


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