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Sailing ’08 September 13, 2008

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Finally it happened 🙂

After few years of wishing, my dreams came through and I went sailing with my friends 🙂

Janko, Štefan, Anže & Jan were amazing company and we had fun all 4 days. We started in Friday, with party in Zadar and after few hours of sleeping we turn motor of Lady Ena and left Marina. Destination: Dugi Island 🙂 Few problems on the way were quickly fixed, some not 😀 After deal with dude Ivan in Marina Veli Rat on the north part of Dugi Island we parked our Lady Ena and went to the nearest “konoba” (restaurant), where we tried delicious Scorpaena & John Dory 🙂 Cause we didn’t wanted to spent night in Marina, we parked Lady Ena in the nearest bay, open bottle of good Slovenian wine and enjoy rest of eve with Fine Cuban Cigars 😀

Next day we continue to the Island Silba, but cause we had some problems with motor we reached only Island Ist. I got experiences with fixing boat motor, so don’t forget on me next time when you go sailing 😉 Forecast didn’t look good, so we turned boat back to Dugi Island. Jan had to be in the office next day, so he left us and went back to Zadar with ferry. Once more we spent night in nearest bay, from where next day we continue to Island Iž. We were smoking Shisha and playing Uno (cards game); yes, life is hard 🙂 Last day we turned Lady Ena to Pašman bridge. Sea looks like mirror, no waves, incredible; only thing that was disturbing piece was motor, but without it we couldn’t came back to Zadar.

Next year we are going to repeat, but this time with longer, newer, better boat – Elan Impression 514 😀


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