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be different May 18, 2008

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If you will always chose right decisions, safe decisions, those that most of people chose, you will be like other.
Start choosing wrong decisions and they will bring you there, where other are dreaming to be!

Be different and people will see you!
I’m voluntary fireman at PGD Bled (Voluntary Fire-brigade Bled), but because I don’t have much time I can’t help them so often like in the past. Last year we bought 2 new vehicles (GVC 16/25 and TRV-2D), this year Hovercraft and Hummer, which arrived in Friday 🙂 I could say that we became most fancy Fire-brigade in Slovenia, especially because of Hummer 🙂

We must be prepared for everything, at every second, what means that if we want to do great job, we need good equipment!

For the end I want to recomend you a book, which I got few years ago as a birthday gift from my lovely cousin Nika: Paul Arden, Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite. Read it, it will help you to live your dreams!