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few facts about the UAE May 13, 2008

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My second Emirate trip just ended, and also my longest trip ever. Till now in UAE I spent 9 weeks (19+44 days). I can’t say that I already know everything, that I am an expert for UAE market, but because of such an amazing friends that I have there I got feeling for market. I still need to learn about lots of things – I have time, so step by step 🙂

I could write and write about facts of the UAE, cities, environment, culture, religion, people … … … but I will try to write only those more interesting, more important (I hope that I will not write any mistakes).

In UAE live around 6 million people and only 10% of them are locals! It is great to be local, cause you have many privileges. Government really take care of them, so there is no need to work. Of course, if you want to have money, than you will have to move your ass; it depend how much you want to have 🙂 If you want to get loan for a million EUR, no problem, money will be on your account in few days – without any interest!!! Know that only locals can be landlords and at least 51% owners of companies!






Also if Abu Dhabi is capitol and posses around 80% of government money (only oil each day bring them around 35 million USD), is Dubai worldwide more known. People are saying that once Abu Dhabi will reach Dubai, but I don’t believe so. Also if they are looking what kind of mistakes is Dubai making and because of that building slower, but better, Dubai will always be Dubai! One day when I drove around I saw how huge projects that are already working on in the South of Dubai: Dubailand, Sports city, City of Arabia, Dubai Investment Park, Jumeirah Village… Almost each day come out new project, “crazier” than former 🙂 But still, I like Abu Dhabi more than Dubai, cause it is more peaceful, no traffic, more natural… also if I have amazing friends in both cities!!!






This time I also saw how safe country is UAE! Of course there are criminals, mafia, but know that if you will do anything wrong and they will catch you, you will be punished – penalty, prison and banish form country (of course it depend for which kind of punishment it goes)! Respect to Sheikh Mohammed, who is in-charge of Dubai, for who I heard that really respect law – it doesn’t matter if you are his son, friend, law is law!!! I really hope to meet him soon, shake his hand 🙂 Insha Allah!

What about night life? In Dubai are parties much better than in Abu Dhabi! All clubs are in hotels, cause only there can alcohol be served. I am slowly getting used that in most of clubs you can get in only as a couple, or if you are on guest list (what mean that you reserve a table, for what of course you pay). All parties finished at 3am, by law, after you can continue at someone home-after party 🙂

Prices? Products in supermarket and stores cost same that back home, maybe clothes are a bit cheaper. Restaurants are a bit more expensive, but if you want to enjoy, know than you will pay! I get a bit spoiled there, cause workers are cheap (still, they earn much more than back home), so they take care of everything: in McDonald’s you leave your tray on table; each hotel (where are all clubs) has vale parking; while you are shopping can your car be washed (on the parking lot); on gas station is no need to turn off motor (cause AC will stop) and go out to fill petrol – 1 litre of super cost 0.28 EUR (cheaper than in good old times in Slovenia) :); if you forgot to bring something from supermarket will other do it instead of you, also clean your apartment…

I am a kind of a person that don’t want to listen opinion of other, but made my own after I met someone, try, feel something. Before I came last October to UAE I didn’t have any look on Arab world and Muslims. This time I met few locals, spent some time with some of them and talk about everything (culture, religion, customs, women, view on world…) and saw what a great people they are!!! 🙂

If you want to know more about anything in UAE, don’t hesitate to ask me!


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  1. Gian Says:

    are you still in UAE?

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