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Wadi Wuraya May 5, 2008

Filed under: Travelling,U.A.E. — visnar @ 12:07

In Saturday, after two nights of partying in Dubai (The Apartment, Club Submarin, Club Elegante…) I went with Saud, Cameron and Lukas on Wadi trip. I didn’t know where are we going, and what will we see and do there till we reach Wadi Wuraja 😀

Because of traffic in Sharjah we lost one hour. Insha Allah! We were driving on the way to the north part of UAE (where is Oman, which we also pass few times) when countryside suddenly start changing. It was really amazing to saw mountains in the desert, but unfortunately without trees. Just before Fujairah we turn inside to Fujairah mountains, drove up-down, left-right and suddenly turn off the main road. It is good that we had Jeep, cause my Tiida would stop after few meters 😀 We were driving almost for an hour inside canyon, till we reached end point – our parking spot, from where we walked around 20 minutes and finally…….. got to the paradise! Damn, it was so amazing! I would never thought that in the desert there are such beautiful places: fresh water, flowers, animals…… 😀 Jupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saud, shukran for such great Wadi trip !!! !!! !!!
We will repeat it when I get back, but before you have to come to visit me !!! !!! !!! :D:D:D




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