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F R I E N D S May 1, 2008

Filed under: Travelling,U.A.E. — visnar @ 13:53

Those that believe in me are my energy, energy for my dreams! I heard from few close friends that other are asked them why am I doing this (cause for sure I will fail), where do I get money…… Ask me, I’ll tell you right answer!!! First of all, money is last thing on which I think in any moment! Do I have it, NO, but still, I am here 🙂 And most important is that without few friends with who I built everything (catalogue, website, slogans, idea of Vishnar furniture …) I would never be there where I am now !!! 🙂 I have amazing friends!!!

And one more thing, you can’t expect from me that already this time I will made deals, sign anything… Try to do anything and you will see that nothing happened in one day! I have my own system, in which I believe! First I want to built strong ground, so that later my pyramid will not collapse. It takes time, but still, if others took 3 years to start anything, I will start in 1-2 years! 😀

This is my world, I feel fantastic here! For me is here much easier to do anything than back home. I don’t know right answer why, but environment is so different. For me is important that I get closer to people with who I want to work or co-operate, after we can talk about business 🙂

From my last post nothing specially happened, but still, I have fun all the time! I met few amazing people, went on few meetings, drinks, dinners, clubs….
Last Saturday my friend Thamir (local guy) invited me in Abu Dhabi for a drink and after we went to the desert to see his camel camp. It was amazing! Not far from his camp is one Shaikh building huge mountain (cca. 200 metres high), for fun, so that he will have nice view on area 😀
I also finally met Abdulla and his friend Qaid, local teenagers 🙂 Amazing guys!

Yesterday I extend my ticked, so now I can tell you for sure, that next Friday I will already be back home, home sweet home 🙂 and bring sun with, so you will not complain on the weather any more 😉


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