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EnErGy April 22, 2008

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To do anything, we need energy !!!

But where to get it? It depent on a person, so each must find out own source of energy.
Where do I get it? Give to get back!!! It works! My friends, I am doing everything for you! Only together we can survive and win! 🙂

Don’t think that everyday is a special for me here in UAE, that always is easy for me. It is not, but who cares on those moments! I always try to look from a bright side on my life! Last few days I spent for thinking and discovering how and where to start. It also came a moment … … … my family & friends, I miss you, I would love to hold you, but I can’t. I know that also harder times will come, but I can’t help, just GO ON !!! World is my playground!!! 🙂

Yesterday I went on a tea with one guy (half Slovene, half Syrian), whose contact I got from a Philippine waiter (read last post). Amazing guy! He sacrifices himself to came to Dubai and start new life. He is sending money back home, to support his parents to survive and brothers to study. I was impressed!

We finished around midnight, and cause I wasn’t sleepy, I went on a drink to Jazz club in Madinat Jumeirah. Everything happen with a reason! There I met Sri, Indian guy, whose father is hotelier. What a cool person! When I was on the way back home I just asked me, WHY, why me, why I always met such great people, especially those that I need on my way to success? But I don’t know the answer. I always try to be what I am, never lie to people, and don’t try to pretend that I am something what I am not. I am Anže Višnar! and Vishnar is going to become worldwide known brand 😉


One Response to “EnErGy”

  1. n Says:

    anze, my dearest cousin.
    it feels good to read your blog! it’s good to know you are fulfilling your dreams and enjoying life your own way! GO anze!
    when you miss us, remember we are all with you; when you have bad moments, whistle and smile; when you have a successful day, thank your angels.


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