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connecting people April 19, 2008

Filed under: Travelling,U.A.E. — visnar @ 18:07

World became so small that in a second you can reach a friend on other side of planet, and next day already be there. I don’t know how would I survive without my mobile, laptop, internet… cause they help me to stay in touch with all my friends when ever I want to speak/reach them 🙂

Virgin Radio’s Block Party was fabulous !!! Bong and team, you did a great job and organise an amazing outdoor party !!! There were graffiti artists, dancers, skateboarders… and of course Virgin Radio DJ’s 🙂

Today I went to the Mall of the Emirates and bought new mobile, cause I had too many problems with my old-one. Of course I bought Nokia, 6300 model, with Arabic letters 🙂 After I went on Moroccan mint tea, where I had a short conversation with a Philippine waiter, who knew where is Slovenia, because of Big Brother reality show. I am not fan of reality shows, but doesn’t matter, Big Brother connecting people :):):)


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  1. […] on a tea with one guy (half Slovene, half Syrian), whose contact I got from a Philippine waiter (read last post). Amazing guy! He sacrifices himself to came to Dubai and start new life. He is sending money back […]

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