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challenges for challengers April 17, 2008

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Every day is a challenge, for some people to survive, for some to make a business deal… What is my? Every day I try to wake up with a smile on my face, try to enjoy day, and end it with with a step forward to … … …

Yesterday during day I didn’t do much – spent lazy morning, spent few hours on Suqeim beach, where I met Slovenian couple ( haha, world is small ), went to Bong’s place to charge my laptop (cause I forgot my charger in Abu Dhabi) and took an invitation for Friday’s Virgin Radio Block Party :). Later I went back home, spoke few words with Renata before she went back to work. Renata, thanks a lot, I have such a luck to be a guest in your apartment. Damn, here are people working much more than back home. City is growing so fast that you don’t have other option!

Later I went to the Mall of the Emirates to see a movie. I choose Indian movie “U, Me, Aur, Hum“. You MUST see it !!! It shows you meaning of life, real love, hard times… After I went to met Faila’s friend Aissa, who work as a reporter on MBC (The Middle East Broadcasting Center). Amazing guy !!! First he showed me a place where he work and than we had a long discussion about culture, life, religion …

Yesterday he did a reportage about cultures in UAE. In 2006 in UAE lived 6 million people (15% locals), today probably around 8 million (10% locals, or less); most people (workers) come from India and Pakistan. Amazing, how fast is country growing! But because of that they have problems: foreigners don’t learn language, government don’t care for them (they have no health care)… There are always plusses and minuses, everywhere !!!

What else happened in last week:
– last Friday I went on boat trip with Thalmer ( I met him in the desert, and know what, his camel seated place on Camel Festival !!! !!! !!! )
– for a month I rented Nissan Tiida at Europcar;  I must admit, that in Abu Dhabi is MUCH easier drive around than in Dubai, but in few days I hope that I will get used 🙂
– I am still waiting for my package 😦
– I met Ana’s friend Mohammed, who’s father owns Electric Lightening company
– Bong invited me on New look fashion show at Montgomerie Golf Club
– in Al Sharjah I visited “Slovenian furniture” showroom; their main office is in Abu Dhabi as “Yugoslavian furniture” (government in Al Sharjah didn’t allow them to use name Yugoslavia), but inside I found only cheap products



2 Responses to “challenges for challengers”

  1. Callaway Says:

    What a delightful travellogue for me to follow vicariously. Thanks!

  2. visnar Says:

    Shukran! 🙂
    Great to hear that you like it! I’m always trying to do my best 🙂

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