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Insha’Allah April 8, 2008

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Small Slovenian that want to become small Slovenian in Arab world, but big in Slovenia :))))))
I just want to do something extremely, what other are saying that it is impossible. But there is always but 🙂 I will show you that if your wish is enough strong and you have passion and work for your dreams and sacrifice few things in your life, than everything is possible! You know what is hardest? To start, to do first move! After you believe that you are on right way, but only time will show you if you are doing right! I don’t have to loose anything, so why I shouldn’t try, I already get back a lot, and now I am already earning. Money? Not yet, be patient, money always come together with success! 😀

Last few days nothing special happened, cause I spent most of time on computer, preparing deal for Bahrain:) Faila, shukran!!!!!!!! But I spent an amazing weekend before 😀 I got a visit from Dubai, Marianne came to Abu Dhabi first time. Shukran! My friends arrange and we went on boat trip and had much of fun!

Like that this wouldn’t be Arab world: in Sunday I went to the church together with Michael and Marty, yesterday I eat pork! Yes here you can get everything, but still, you must respect culture! And I do!!!!! Sorry that you will not see as many photos as from my past trips, but this is not only my trip, this is my future world. Here people they don’t like that you are making photos, so I am enjoying, what is better for me, but worst for you, but still, I always try to do my best!

One week more in Abu Dhabi, two in Dubai, one more in Abu Dhabi and last in Dubai, uf, one month more! I have planty of time to do lots of things….. Insha’Allah! 🙂



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