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desert April 2, 2008

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Yesterday I didn’t went fishing like I tough at first, but Michael showed me his new studio! It is still under construction, but wait few months, it is going to become best and the biggest Movie studio in the Middle East !!!!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss !!!!!!!!!! Michael, I am so happy for you, cause you were working really hard and now will your dreams come true 🙂

I tough that I will after a dinner with neighbours get back home, finish few things on computer catch some sleep and today once more go on Interiors exhibition, but (there is always but ;)) Michael get an invitation to go in desert, sleep there and next morning go on Mazayin Dhafra Camel Festival 2008. Of course I was also for, so we join his two partners and took a road SouthWest of Abu Dhabi. It was amazing – lying on the sand in the middle of nowhere, watching stars………:) During night in desert became quite colder, but after sunrise quickly get hot!

The Mazayin Dhafra Camel Festival is in Abu Dhabi organise first time and already become World biggest! Sheikh Mohammed Bin Beti Al Hamed built place in 5 weeks (before there was nothing!!!). More than ten thousand camels participate 10 days long Festival and the owners of most beauty camels will on the end get 6 million EUR and 100 cars 🙂

Camels from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait are taking part in the festival. Today I had an honour to met first local, one of most respectful people here in Abu Dhabi, who later invited us in his tent and showed his beauties 🙂 Together with his father he own 75 camels! Each is worth at least 1 million EUR!!!!!! He told us that few days ago his friend bought camel for 2,2 million EUR and that would most expensive cost 5 million EUR!!!!!!!!

Life is crazy and I love to live!!!!!!!

Mazayin Dhafra Camel Festival 2008 me & Micheel camel


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  1. Sheeba Says:

    The situation looks hot!!!

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