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a bu da bi April 1, 2008

Filed under: Travelling,U.A.E. — visnar @ 07:44

Here I am, already in Abu Dhabi 🙂
I am grateful to my friend Michael to be a guest in his villa 🙂 He owns TimeSand Studios and becoming next George Lucas 😉

I spent 4 awesome days in Dubai, lying on the beach, hanging around with friends, networking, working……. For now didn’t happened much, but still, yesterday I went to see Interiors UAE, exhibition which is first time taken in Abu Dhabi. Small for the start, but still, I was surprised to saw exhibiting Slovenian company Duka – office furniture. Great move!!!

I am no sushi fan, but when Michael bring fresh fish yesterday we eat half of it unprepared, half baked. Mmmmmmmm, it was delicious!!!!! Today we are probably going to drive with a boat, fishing…..



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