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uuuuu…aaaaa…eeeee… March 25, 2008

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Thanks to all that believe in me !!!

Last time I spent most time and energy for preparations on “Emirates journey” and achieving my goal – import of Slovenian natural solid-wood furniture to UAE. And especially last two months I didn’t have time for so many drinks, conversations, sport activities… like usual. My friends, thank you for your patient!

Half a year later from time that I get back from Dubai, I am going back, to do something new, to achieve my aim. A part of my work can you see on Vishnar furniture webpage, which need a day to be complete 🙂

Especial thanks that everything is on right place and I am prepared to win go to my family and some my friends that helped me a lot.

Janko, Blaž, Eva, Filip, Miha, Gašper, Darko and Tomaž, thank you once more !!!!

World is my playground !!!
Fantastic greeting to all,


2 Responses to “uuuuu…aaaaa…eeeee…”

  1. eva Says:

    jao, vishnar ….
    … ponosni smo nate 😉

    me veseli, da sem ti lahko pomagala, jankotu pa vse pohvale za web page!

  2. Janko Š Says:

    Godspeed Anze!

    And don’t forget: only the sky is the limit =)

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